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Seniors Talk

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Jerry has something to say ....

This is to all the seniors out there. When I turned sixty-five it never changed how I felt about being older, it was just another year added on. Now in a few months I will be seventy-two. Looking back I ask myself why did the last seven years go by so fast. They never went by any faster. I was doing things to keep busy like learning to write my memoirs and keeping busy on the farm. I went about it differently. I thought my memory was like it was back in the twenties and thirties. I was fooled. I tried writing for three years, knowing my time to get all the things down was passing by quickly.

A friend of mine told me about a writing class at the senior centre in Orangeville. This was the year two thousand and four. I spoke with some other seniors first so I would know what I had to do. I had not had much education and I didn't want to make a fool out of myself. I thought maybe the others there had plenty of schooling. Me, I had a hard time spelling simple words. Did you ever get to a point in your life when you said should I or shouldn't I? Well after thinking it over a few weeks I called the lady in charge of the class. She seemed so friendly and explained what the writing class was about -- writing ones memoirs. Before our conversation was over I told the teacher that I would be at her next class. When one needs help in anything, it's best to talk to someone that has experience in doing it.

The next day I read a Down homer booklet. I liked a story a lady wrote. The author was writing about her younger years. There was an email address at the top of the page. That evening I emailed her saying how much I liked her story and asking her how do I start my memoirs? When I was on my computer the next morning there was an email from the lady saying first take your time and tape your life as far back as you can remember.

Over the next three days, I taped seven tapes of my life story. There were things to add that I had missed. Every story was putting myself back at that time in my life. I found that some things I just wanted to forget. Some would upset me so much that I left out some of the feelings I had on the tapes. I know feelings are all in the mind. My life story was for my siblings and I never wanted to bring pain to any of my children or grandchildren.

I started writing school that spring and attended the late summer classes. Also this year, two thousand and five, I have signed up for a six-week course. Over the two courses I have written twelve stories. I do the stories on Microsoft Word on the computer. Also, I bought a Franklin hand-held computer dictionary. It helps me with my spelling. Also, I have been doing crosswords. When I started music lessons back in two thousand and four I thought it would be too much on my mind but it all works out ok.

To you seniors, ladies and men out there get doing something. It helps in more ways then one can dream of. If you have pain, movement of the body helps relieve it. Pain is wherever it hits you. One of us may feel pain more then others so we should never say that person is always complaining. Just be thankful you don't have pain. Have some encouraging words for others that are not so lucky. Only God knows our troubles and HE cares for each and every one of us. You all have a nice day. Jerry

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