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On-Line Shopping

Some of these stores are in Canada but do not have a strictly Canadian web site. If a Canadian site is not available, I have listed the American one. Am I missing any? Let me know at hardy@bmts.com

Listed below are the best shopping sites according to Yahoo! Internet Life magazine. Unfortunately, these are American Companies but they do ship to Canada.

Best Overall Site: Amazon.com

Best Food Site: Chefshop.com

Best Book Site: Powell's Books

Best Sporting Goods Site: Fogdog Sports

Best Apparel Site: Nordstrom

Best Music Site: Checkout.com

Best Gift Site: Red Envelope

Best Toy Site: EToys

Best Home Improvement Site: cornerhardware.com

Best Electronics Site: 800.com

Best Home Furnishings Site: Goodhome.com

Other Sites of Interest

Price Comparison Tool: Mysimon.com

Merchant Rating Site: Gomez

Product Reviews and Information: EToys, EPinions

Online Auction: EBay for Seniors, Canada Auction

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