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By Jeff and Judy

Romantic restaurant reviewer

If someone offered me a paying job writing restaurant reviews I’d jump at the opportunity. As Jeff will readily attest I have vast practical experience, having assembled a modest collection of school notebooks filled with accounts of our worldwide “dining-out” experiences together during the past thirty-odd years. Often with accompanying Polaroid photographs, diagrams and maps.

Of course I concentrate primarily on the food. Because I imagine that’s what they teach you to do on your first day at a legitimate “Restaurant Reviewing School” although I never actually attended one. Intuitively, “How did it taste?” “Was it fresh?” “Originality?” and “Visual appeal?” are all comprehensively recorded in my scrawled shorthand.

I always report too on vitally important matters like cleanliness, ambiance, service, price, location and parking facilities, not forgetting the breadth, depth, temperature and humidity of the wine cellar.

So if there are editors out there unable to find someone to write 400-word reviews, even with all expenses paid, tax free, to scour the globe, stay in the best hotels and dine in only the finest restaurants, I offer an additional feature that to my knowledge has never been attempted before. One that might even increase circulation by keeping their readers on tenterhooks, begging for more each week.

My astonishing gastronomic contribution is to rate on a scale of 1 to 10 the chances of a romantic “interlude” after a restaurant meal. Because there’s far more than simply eating to live. Or living to eat for that matter.

When Jeff and I first met and were still sussing each other out like two playful eager-beavers my fondest memories are of us chattering-away over a meal and bottle of wine in incredibly inexpensive restaurants before continuing the inevitable “getting-to-know-you-better”process in a less public place.

But hold on! As I think more about it why wait for an editor to approach me and offer me a job? We have this wonderful weekly space at our disposal to name names and expose hard facts surrounding some of our most romantic restaurant experiences.

As a teasing appetiser therefore, next week I’ll bring all the intimate details about the meal in a French Alps restaurant – in Grenoble to be exact – where the most delicious grilled fresh mountain trout I ever tasted led from one thing to another.

And don’t worry, I’ll write about both one thing and the other.

Just who are Jeff and Judy? Judy and Jeff Sellers are a US couple who love sunsets, world travel, fine wines, good food and each other. As often as possible and not necessarily in that order. They currently seek a congenial publisher for their "Frisky after Sixty" book ('A Good in Bed Read') and after many requests from friends all over the world waiting impatiently for their local newspapers to carry this column. To find out more go to Frisky After Sixty.

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