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Canadian Senior Years
Canadian Senior Years - online community with content for Canadian seniors

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British Columbia Links

British Columbia Senior Centres
A listing of all the senior centres I could find in British Columbia. If you know of one to add to the list please email me at

FREE BONE DENSITY TESTING for women over the age of sixty, who meet specified criteria. If you are interested in finding out more about your bone density and about research ongoing for new treatments for osteoporosis, call BC Clinical Research at (604) 263 - 3661.

British Columbia Office for Seniors
Established to provide a resource to government and to support the Seniors' Advisory Council and the Interministry Coordinating Committee on Security for Seniors.

BC Seniors Games Society (Corporate)

411 Seniors Society Centre
The community of members, volunteers and staff address seniors' issues and concerns and social, recreational, nutritional, information and councelling needs.

Seniors Choice
We cover the Okanagan/Thompson area of BC, including the Okanagan Valley with all its wineries, golf courses and ski resorts.

Senior Connector
A monthly newspaper, published in Kamloops, bc, to help seniors all over the world.

Inglewood Care Centre
Information for the elderly, seniors and long term care related issues.

Mission's Senior Housing Umbrella
Connecting Seniors in Mission BC to low cost Housing and Services.

Peace of Mind - Caring for Seniors at Home
Resources for seniors coping with long term care issues in BC's lower mainland - Vancouver, Canada

Council of Senior Citizens Organizations (COSCO)

BC Old Age Pensioners (BCOAP)

Vancouver Public Library Online - Senior's Page

B.C. Housing Links
Links to British Columbia Senior Housing Options

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Ericka Hardy.

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